Exclusive Meat Maket

With nearly 20 years of experience in wholesale, retail, and restaurant business, we are excited to bring you quality steaks and poultry from small local farmers as well as America’s most prominent producers. Our expertise, combined with friendly relationships with all our partners, allows you to access the best meat at a price you’ll love.

At the Exclusive Meat Market, our goal is to offer quality products and deliver them to you without breaking the bank. Everything is conveniently portioned so you can spend less time preparing and more time enjoying.

We offer USDA Prime and Top Choice beef, grass-fed beef, or beef raised on a corn-rich diet in the Midwest. We also offer cage-free, pasture-raised chicken. With us, you will never run out of options. All our products are hormone and antibiotic-free. Need help choosing or cooking the product? Just send us a message using our contact page

Our team of butchers and chefs is here to help.